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Through its mission, The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation is committed to fostering knowledge and interest in the history of these two great American monuments. While nothing can replace an in-person visit, SOLEIF’s library of remote learning experiences offer a taste. Among the resources you will find:

  • A step-by-step tutorial and downloadable tip sheet for using the Passenger Search database to discover your family’s connection to Ellis Island
  • Videos vignettes exploring the Ellis Island immigrant experience
  • Two virtual experiences that take you inside the Statue of Liberty for an unprecedented look at her history, construction, and views of NY Harbor
  • Links to recommended activities, crafts, and educational materials
Passenger Search

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Dedicated Passenger Search

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Understanding Manifests:
Names Crossed Out


Dispelling Myths:
Names Not Changed at Ellis Island


What Happened When
Immigrants were Detained at Ellis

What Happened When
A Stowaway was Discovered

What Happened When
A Baby was Born at Sea

What Happened When
A Passenger Died at Sea

Genealogy Research Tips

Embarking On Your Genealogical Journey

For tips on searching the Foundation’s Passenger Records, download our Tips & Tricks Guide. Created by our Family History Center researchers, this resource will help you make the most of our database.

Want more strategies for family sleuthing? Genealogist Megan Smolenyak compiled a list of recommendations based on her companion book to the hit show “Who Do You Think You Are?”

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Statue of Liberty
AR Experience

Discover the Statue of Liberty in a new and innovative way with this unique AR experience, available on iOS. A rich curation of stories and visual media walks you through more than 150 years of the Statue’s history — from her origins in France in 1865 to the opening of the Statue of Liberty Museum. Among the features: Torch Panorama, Making of Liberty, and Historical Timeline. The app also features two immersive audio experiences.

Lady Liberty
Virtual Experience

This first-of-its-kind interactive experience takes you on a virtual tour of Lady Liberty and the Statue of Liberty Museum. “Climb” up her double helix stairway and examine the folds of the copper and armature bars that form the Statue’s shape. From the Crown, take in images of New York Harbor. Even access the arm and Torch, which have been closed to the public since 1916. The Museum tour features majestic images of the Inspiration Gallery and Liberty Vista.

Through the
Golden Door

Our National Park Service partners collaborated with Scholastic to create a virtual field trip to Ellis Island. Spend time with Rangers from the National Park Service to learn about the history of Ellis Island and the immigrant experience at the nation’s first Federal Immigration Station.

The Learning Zone

Teachers, parents, or anyone curious to learn more about these two great American monuments will find ample resources among the National Park Service’s curriculum materials.

Use Math skills to measure How Big is the Statue of Liberty? ARTifact! incorporates Language Arts and Social Studies. Tap your inner scientist with Preserving a Symbol to learn why the Statue changed colors.

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