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Thank you for your interest in The American Immigrant Wall of Honor. It is the only place in the United States where an individual can honor his or her family heritage at a National Monument. The Wall of Honor will soon migrate to the Foundation’s new website. While that work is underway you can still add a name or explore the database. Simply click HERE to login to (or create) your account.

The American Immigrant Wall of Honor is a monument for every immigrant who had a dream. The wall memorializes the family experiences of the 775,000 names inscribed upon its panels and represents the journey of every person who has ever pursued the promise of a better life.

A multitude of stories are etched upon the Wall’s surface. It commemorates families who came here by boat, by plane, and by foot; honors those who endured forced migration from slavery; and remembers our own earliest settlers, America’s indigenous peoples.

Names can be added to the Wall of Honor online. and will be laid into panels at specific intervals throughout the year. Additionally, names can always be found on the web.

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Locate your relative’s name before you travel to Ellis Island. Search online to find out what information is available, discover where the name is etched, and learn what it means to be recognized as part of this unique monument.

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A Celebration of Dreams

The American Immigrant Wall of Honor is located at the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration. Overlooking the Manhattan skyline, the Wall is situated just outside the Great Hall. If you’re arranging a trip to Ellis, look up your family’s name and panel number before your visit, and make sure to tour the Wall itself.

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The American Immigrant Wall of Honor is open to immigrants of all eras, even up to the present day. Names are placed on the Wall through a minimum donation of $150 per name. These gifts of remembrance acknowledge your family’s legacy, and help preserve the story of the American immigration.

The Role of The Foundation

We Help Communities Understand the History of Immigration

The Foundation keeps the voice of Ellis Island alive. We help modern Americans understand our heritage and foster appreciation for the vibrancy and diversity of our national identity.