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For many Americans, finding a family member’s immigration record is a meaningful experience. It’s a tangible link to your past, an artifact of your heritage, and a testament to your ancestor’s hopes and dreams.

If you’re looking for the record of a family member who came to America through the Port of New York, we recommend that you begin your investigation at home.

While our passenger search only requires a last name, collect as many facts as you can – more fields increase the odds of finding your records. For example, what was your ancestor’s port of departure? Do you know the date or at least the year of their arrival in America? How about their age at the time and who they were traveling with? Although not all of this information is required for a successful search, details are helpful.

For tips on searching our database, please download our Passenger Search Tips & Tricks Guide. Created by our Family History Center researchers, this resource will help you make the most of our database.

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Passenger Search Tips & Tricks