The Future of Ellis

An American Passage

Years after being decommissioned as the nation’s first Federal Immigration Station, Ellis Island continues to embody the yearning complexities of the American Promise. A place consecrated by millions of dreams, Ellis is a singular representation of our cultural identity.

As custodians of the island, the Foundation is passionate about sparking conversation and works to create unforgettable encounters with history. Driven and determined, our efforts forge connections to our shared heritage and help the public understand and appreciate the important role immigration plays in our nation’s story.

The Next Generation

The Foundation enhances the Ellis Island experience through a range of initiatives rooted in education and community. We are committed to exploring the fabric of American immigration and work diligently to develop new exhibits, manage ongoing preservation efforts, and expand access to our library of historical records.

As the Foundation moves into its next chapter, we remain devoted to our mission of education and engagement. The story of American immigration not only connects us to our past, it provides important context for challenging 21st century issues. Ever passionate, we are excited to welcome a new generation of supporters and hope to inspire remarkable voyages of cultural discovery.