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We honor the immigrant experience and the pursuit of freedom through preservation efforts, educational initiatives, and community programs. As caretakers of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, we work to create bridges to history and to foster an appreciation for the rich tapestry of our national identity.

Our collections can connect you to Liberty and to the story of American immigration from anywhere in the world. We invite you to engage with our exhibitions and collections, and use our online resources to discover your roots and explore your heritage.

Ellis Baggage room

Festival of New York

The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation is a cornerstone partner of THIS IS NY, part of the Festival of New York, which launched in 2022. THIS IS NY is a collective of 200+ organizations across the five boroughs that celebrates NYC’s immigrant heritage and communities.

Festival activities take place Memorial Day through Labor Day. Stay tuned for 2024 program details!

American Tales

Passenger and Ship Search

The passenger search is a piece of living history. Comprising nearly 65 million arrival records and ship manifests, this interactive database allows visitors to converse with America’s past, and travel with their ancestors to the shores of Ellis Island. Thought-provoking and humbling, the passenger search offers us an incredible lens through which we can understand the challenges and dreams of the American passage.

Through our “Immigration Records Search” service, the Foundation’s team of research experts will conduct the research for you.

Oral Histories

This collection of recorded interviews documents the stories of people whose lives were shaped by Ellis Island. Passengers, families, immigration officials, military personnel, detainees, and former island employees share their perspectives and relive the moments that formed our collective history. Educational, uplifting, harrowing, and inspiring, these precious cultural artifacts give meaning and texture to our collections.

Immigration Museum 30th Anniversary

On the heels of celebrating Lady Liberty’s restoration, The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation turned its attention to Ellis Island for what would be the largest historic restoration in U.S. history. The museum focused on 1892 through 1954: The Ellis Years. To replicate what most travelers encountered upon arriving at Ellis Island, the team of experts leading the restoration and museum development replicated the building’s design from the 1918-1924 period – the peak years of Ellis immigration.

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Educational Resources

Fun & Engaging Tools

Through its mission, The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation is committed to fostering knowledge and interest in the history of these two great American monuments. While nothing can replace an in-person visit, SOLEIF’s library of remote learning experiences offers a taste.

Famous Passengers

Faces in the Crowd

The immigrants who came to America through Ellis Island made a profound impact on business, art, science, and culture. As did many celebrities of the day visiting from afar. Explore the stories of Ellis’ notable passengers and see how young dreamers went on to be counted among our most celebrated citizens.

Genealogy Primer

Trace Your Story

Want to take a tour through your family history? Start the process of determining your heritage by playing detective at home. Our guides and references can put you on a voyage of discovery, and offer strategies and tips for tracing your family’s roots.

The Wall of Honor

Celebrate your family’s place in the immigration story by inscribing a name on the American Immigrant Wall of Honor. A stunning installation, the Wall commemorates the journey of every traveler who followed a dream.

It celebrates who we are and where we came from, and represents a vast collection of experiences. A monument by and of the people, the Wall is open to the descendants of all American immigrants as well as contemporary arrivals. You can see it in person when you visit Ellis Island, or explore its panels on our website.

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