Views From Lady Liberty

Ever wonder what the world looks like from the eyes of Lady Liberty?

The Foundation, in collaboration with the National Park Service and EarthCam, offers four unique perspectives from the Statue of Liberty, along with a stunning shot of Liberty Island from the shores of Brooklyn. Interactive cameras feature views of New York Harbor, the New York City Skyline, historic Ellis Island, and the Statue itself (descriptions below).

Explore these amazing vistas via the below image. Click the home button in the top left corner or select the fullscreen option (bottom right corner) to move from camera to camera.

Crown Cam

This bird’s eye view provides a truly intimate look at the Statue as you zoom in and out to examine details of her crown, tablet, and robes – not to mention visitors walking along some 300 feet below! With time-stamped images going back 10 years, you can see the Statue at different times of the year. Check out November 15, 2018. That was the day the Foundation moved the Statue’s original torch from her pedestal to the new Statue of Liberty Museum. It was also the day of a historic snowstorm in the NYC area!

Statue of Liberty

Enjoy an unmatched LIVE streaming view of the Statue of Liberty from Brooklyn, NY. Zoom in to get an up close and personal view, or zoom out to experience New York Harbor. Watch the marine traffic as it cruises along the busy waterway.

Harbor Cam

Amazing LIVE streaming panoramic views of New York Harbor from atop Lady Liberty’s Torch. Watch boats and cruise ships pass by in real time, or zoom in for a close-up of the New York City Skyline. You may even get a fireworks show around the 4th of July!

Torch Cam – Ellis Island & New Jersey

This interactive camera (zoom and pan capabilities) offers spectacular LIVE panoramic views of New York Harbor, the Hudson River, historic Ellis Island, New Jersey, and the NYC skyline. The breathtaking views are unparalleled!

Torch Cam

“Climb” into the Statue’s famed torch for an up-close view that has been inaccessible to the public since 1916. Zoom in and out to see the design and details of the torch and its golden flame – day or night!

Be a Part of the Statue's Future

The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation is resolved to keeping Lady Liberty standing tall, ensuring she is forever a beacon for all. We pursue our mission diligently, and since 1982 have successfully expanded Liberty Island’s educational footprint, opened a thrilling museum, improved accessibility, and ensured the monument remains properly cared for. But there’s still work to be done. Please become a Member and help us preserve the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island for future generations.