Your Virtual
DOOR to the World

technology, jesse, ceo, italy
technology, jesse, ceo, italy
technology, jesse, ceo, italy

A visit to the Foundation’s American Family Immigration History Center at Ellis Island takes you back in time as you retrace the steps of your Ellis Island ancestors.

Through a special initiative between SOLEIF and the Italian-based SlideWorld, now you can also journey back to the Old World, crossing a virtual bridge to another cultural institution.

The experience is made possible by SlideDoor, a life-sized portal with live video and audio capabilities that enables spontaneous, real-time personal connections.

Coming upon the Ellis Island SlideDoor you’ll ‘meet’ people engaging with the display’s ‘twin’ more than 4,000 miles away in the Cathedral of San Mateo in Salerno, Italy.

Communication begins organically – even if you don’t speak the same language. You may find yourself exchanging names and sharing information about Ellis Island and New York. Or simply exchange a wave and a smile.

The Foundation and SlideWorld were joined by Fabrizio Di Michele, Consul General of Italy in New York, for the unveiling, which concluded with a violin performance by two musicians located in Salerno that demonstrates the quality audio and visual quality of the SlideDoor.

The Ellis Island installation marks the portal’s entry into the U.S.  SlideDoor is scheduled to be on display at the Family History Center through June 2022.  The SlideDoor team is already collaborating with other cultural institutions to expand the SlideDoor network – and opportunities for interaction – across the U.S. and around the world!

The Foundation and SlideWorld are developing educational and cultural programs that will inspire engagement. Stay tuned for details and plan your visit to Ellis Island and the American Family Immigration History Center!