About Searching the Wall of Honor

Common Questions and Answers

What information is available through this online search?

Your search will display the names of individuals and families who have been memorialized on the Wall of Honor by donors to The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation. Names represent arrivals from all years, all points of entry, and all modes of travel. The donor’s name will also be displayed. NOTE: Details regarding name, date, country of origin and other information have been provided by donors and have not been verified for historical accuracy. See Terms of Use.

How do I search the Wall of Honor for my relative?

The Wall of Honor search will return records that contain an exact match for the name as provided by the donor family. You can start a search by using a person’s Last Name and refine from there (The Last Name field is always required).

If my family member’s name is on the Wall, does that mean they came through Ellis Island?

It does not. While many names on the Wall of Honor represent individuals who arrived through Ellis Island, it’s not a requirement. The Wall celebrates the ethnic diversity of America across generations. Individual or family names can be placed in tribute on the Wall regardless of when an immigrant arrived or through which port they entered.

Are Ellis Island arrivals included in these search results?

They are not. The Wall’s search results exist separately from the Ellis Island archives. When you search the Wall’s database you will find names that have been inscribed on The American Immigrant Wall of Honor via charitable donations. If you would like to search the Ellis Island Archives and explore our vast collection of historical arrival records, please visit Passenger Search.

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